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February 2022 Dog of the Month – Diesel!

February 2022 Dog of the Month – Diesel!
Name Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Jack Russell
Size Medium - 17 to 19 inches
Grooming Hard
Training Medium
Exercise Daily / 70 minutes a day
Origins United Kingdom

  • Backstory
  • Tricks he knows
  • Why is he so special?

Our next addition to dog of the month is a great dog that loves his owners and loves to be playful with guests! His name is Diesel!

Diesel was born on the 13th October 2019, he was picked up by his owner Paul. Paul said the reason he wanted to get Diesel was that when his Labrador Chubby passed away, he always wanted to get another dog. One day, Paul went with his friend to pick up her new dog and Diesel came running towards him, and from this day, he fell and love and instantly said he wanted him! Now Paul is grateful to have got his new best friend!

Once Paul got his new best friend home, he started sniffing everywhere, however once the toys where introduced... he loved them and instantly ripped them apart! After his long day of ripping toys apart, he fell asleep! After a while of getting to know Paul and being overprotective over his new owner, Paul introduced Diesel to someone else!

Diesel got to meet Jordyn! Her instant reaction was oh my god a Saffie! As her friend has the same type of dog. After a while a bond between Diesel and Jordyn started to grow more and more over time! One day when Diesel was with Jordyn, they went to Silloth and Jordyn remembers that he loved to eat Ice Cream and Chicken nuggets, however the car journey home was fun when he threw up in the car on the way back. other than that it was a nice day out!

Images provided by Paul + Jordyn

At the start of training, Diesel wasn't very good at listening to commands and wasn't very easy to train, however once he turned 1 year old, everything changed and he started being a clever little dog! Paul and Jordyn have managed to teach him;

  • sit
  • lie down
  • give respect (Fist Bump)
  • stand on back legs
  • twirl
  • wait.... Go
    • Mainly when crossing the road!
  • waits by the door when he wants to go on a walk

What a clever dog he is! Very well trained! There could be more soon to come to!

Diesel has always been a friendly, playful and out there dog. Always testing boundaries but making both Paul and Jordyn laugh in the process.! Both owners Paul and Jordyn were asked the question, why is he so special to you? This is what they said!

"He's special to me because he knows when I'm having my low days and he is there for me giving cuddles but he loves making memories, like going to the beach and having fun and he has taken to Jordyn like butter on bread. I've always said since day one, I wouldn't change him for the world" Said Paul!

"His little dobby ears and how he has to sleep in the middle of the bed with his head on my pillow" Said Jordyn

Image Provided by Paul + Jordyn


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