Manchester Terrier Popular Family Friendly Breed

Manchester Terrier Popular Family Friendly Breed

Manchester Terrier – Terrier

Name Manchester Terrier – Terrier
Size Small
Grooming Easy to Moderate
Training Moderate
Exercise Daily 30 mins at least walks
Origins England

The Small and Crazy Terrier!

Quick Overview

The Manchester Terrier is known for being a small and affectionate dog with family and friends, known for being very good with young children as well as seemingly great with other dogs! Known for not shedding and coming from the United Kingdom! One of the easiest dogs to groom and the easiest dogs to understand as they are very intelligent dogs.

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Name:                                                 Manchester Terrier

Size:                                                    15 to 16 inches

Weight:                                               under 12-22 lbs

Grooming:                                         Easy to Moderate

Exercise:                                             Daily walks

Training:                                             Easy to Moderate training

Origins:                                               United Kingdom

Lifespan:                                             15 to 17 years

Breed Type:                                        Terrier

History of this Dogs Breed?

It is commonly known that the Manchester Terrier is known for being bred in England, as the name states. The Manchester Terrier is also known for being the smaller version of the Doberman or a larger version of another dog breed known as the Miniature Pinscher. More people know this than those who don't, but Manchester Terriers were actually used by Louis Doberman to breed Dobermans and there is no indication that the other breeds were involved in the history of this breed.

In the US and Canada however, there are two versions of this Terrier, the toy and the standard dog. In England, there are two sizes that are classified as different breeds.

Manchester Terriers are thought to be one of the oldest dogs to ever be bred. Dating back to 19th Century England when sanitation was very poor and not like today! Back then, Manchester Terriers were bred by crossing a Whippet and a Black and Tan Terrier. They were mainly used to chase and kill rats back then.

In 1937, the British Manchester Terrier Club was founded and formed. The members of this club are the reason why the breed has stayed around and not gone extinct during the second world war. The dog was then imported to the US where the American Kennel Club managed to recognize them.

Fun Facts About Your Maltese Dog!

Love them or hate them, here are some Five Minutes Spare facts that may or may not entertain you:

  • The Manchester terriers are known for being neat, elegant, yet workmanlike dog
  • Known for having a life expectancy of 14 to 16 years old
  • Today, they are ranked 121st in the world amongst other dogs in the registered AKC

3 fun facts that some people may not of known about this rare type of dog!

Are They Hard to Train?

This breed of dog is known for being quite easy to train as they are not particularly aggressive. They are hunting animals, which shows everyone why they can be very patient and can be very smart dogs. This means that they will be easy to train and easy to have around as they are friendly towards everyone.

 Do they Need lots of Exercises?

The Manchester Terrier will need at least some walks a day, it is believed that they need at least 30 minutes of walks, runs, or games a day to be able to stay calm in the house and active outside the house, this means not leaving them in the back garden.

How Often do I Groom my Terrier?

Due to this breed being very smooth and easy to sort out, this dog won't need to be groomed as much as other dogs may need, maybe once or twice a week if that.

Are they Healthy Dogs?

Manchester Terriers are known for being quite healthy but can have some issues. The most common conditions they are known to suffer from are:

  • Glaucoma
  • This is when the pressure in the eyes of the dog is abnormally high and the eye is constantly producing fluid.
  • Von Willebrand's Disease
  • This is a disease that can be found in both humans. This is a blood disorder that can affect the clotting process, making this uncurbable.
  • Heat Bumps
  • These bumps may appear alongside your dog's back if they stay in the sun for too long!

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