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What Lightsaber Colour Would I Have?

What Lightsaber Colour Would I Have?

If you were a jedi, what lightsaber colour would you have? 

Apart from the force, which is in a jedis body, a lightsaber is arguably their greatest assets. You can have blue, green, red, and more uncommonly purple, yellow, and white. So, which colour would you have based on the questions below?

Take the quiz and find out! And if you like this quiz, please make sure to check out our others.

Fun real life facts about lightsabers:

  • Physicists argue that they’re possible.
  • Samuel L Jackson (Mace Windu) wanted a purple lightsaber so he got it – no other character in the main series has one.
  • Fight scenes with lightsabers were pretty much real, with the light part of the lightsaber blade just animated in afterward.


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