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The Hitchcock Only Quiz

A fan of ”The Master of Suspense”? Well, here’s just the quiz for you as all of the 10 questions are about Hitchcock films. There’s a also a brief but informative answer provided to each question, so here’s a chance to learn a bit of useless Hitchcock trivia. If you’re a general movie fan, you’ll…

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The Two into One Quiz

Two into one doesn’t go does it? Well here’s a quiz with a little bit of spin on the usual general knowledge format.  Can you work out the film title from the names of two actors that have portrayed the same on-screen lead character in the two different productions? Where there’s a slight difference in…

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A Real Classic Covers Quiz!

Here’s a trivia quiz on some on some classic songs, mostly from the 1950s through to 1980s, that became much better known after they were covered. Even if you’ve only got a moderate music knowledge, I’m pretty sure you’ll have heard of most of the songs. However, I also think you’ll be surprised to learn…

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