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The “Islands Only” General Knowledge Quiz!

Do you know your islands?

As we all know, simply put, an island is a piece of land surrounded by water. There are 47 island nation states and dozens of other coastal countries that have islands within their home borders. Islands are as easily diverse in terms of area, topography, geography, development and population, as the rest of the world’s land masses. There are hundreds of thousands of small, uninhabited islands, while others are subject to huge development and are home to millions of people. And, lets not forget there’s also a plethora islands, that have been created in literature, or especially for television and the cinema.

What’s your knowledge of the world’s islands? Here’s a fun trivia quiz where all the questions are related to both real and fictional islands. Why not take our “Islands Only” general knowledge quiz and find how you much you know?

Take the “Islands Only” General Knowledge Quiz!


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