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Super Bowl 57 Quiz – Kansas City vs Philadelphia

Super Bowl 57 Quiz – Kansas City vs Philadelphia

The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest sporting spectacle on the calender attracting a huge worldwide audience. The 2023 one which the Kansas City Chiefs won was nothing short of epic with the game living up to the hype. It may be history now but there is no harm in revisiting it and how better than with a quiz. The questions vary from easy to damn hard so even a casual viewer should get some right.  Anyway give it a go and see how you get on…

Super Bowl LVII Quiz



So how did you get on? Are you a Super Bowl guru? Whatever, thanks for giving it a go and if you have another Five Minutes Spare why not try your luck with another NFL quiz.  Alternatively, if you fancy something different try one of our other sports or more general quizzes.


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