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A UK Bird Recognition Quiz – Warblers

A UK Bird Recognition Quiz – Warblers

Warbler Facts

There are almost 400 extant species of warbler in the world divided into several families. They live throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. Excluding visits from rare vagrants, around 20 different species of warbler can be found in the UK. These are usually subdivided into four groups which are: leaf warblers; reed warblers, locustella warblers; and Sylvia warblers.  Most are migrant species but a few remain resident in the UK throughout the year.

UK Warblers

Here’s a list of 10 of the best known species of warbler that can be found in the UK.

  1. Cetti’s warbler
  2. Chiffchaff
  3. Dartford warbler
  4. Garden warbler
  5. Grasshopper warbler
  6. Reed warbler
  7. Savi’s warbler
  8. Sedge warbler
  9. Willow warbler
  10. Wood warbler

Can you identify the 10 listed species of warbler from the photos presented in our quiz? Why not take our warbler recognition quiz and find out?

Take the UK warbler recognition quiz!


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