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A UK Bird Recognition Quiz!

A UK Bird Recognition Quiz!

Pipit and Wagtail Facts

Wagtails and pipits are slender, relatively small species of birds of that belong to the Passerine Order. They generally range from 14 to 17 cm in length and have short necks and long tails. There are around 13 species of wagtail and 46 species of pipit, as well as a few sub-species, worldwide. A plumage of dull brown and a speckled breast is common to almost all pipits, while wagtails often have striking plumage, that includes grey, black, white, and yellow.


UK Pipits & Wagtails

Here’s a list in alphabetical order that includes almost all the pipits and wagtails that can be found in the UK.

  1. Citrine Wagtail
  2. Grey Wagtail
  3. Meadow Pipit
  4. Pied Wagtail
  5. Richard’s Wagtail
  6. Rock Pipit
  7. Tree Pipit
  8. Water Pipit
  9. White Pipit
  10. Yellow Wagtail

Can you identify the 10 listed species of pipits and wagtails from the photos presented in our quiz? Why not take our pipit and wagtail recognition quiz and find out?

Take the UK Pipit and Wagtail Recognition Quiz!


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