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The Raiders Elect To Cut Their Losses & Release Antonio Brown

The biggest drama of the offseason has taken yet another twist, after Oakland finally realised what a mistake trading for Antonio Brown was and he is now a free agent. Since Pittsburgh traded him (for a 3rd & 5th round draft pick) Antonio Brown has almost crippled himself with a cryogenic foot chamber, spat his dummy out over the new helmet regulations, and missed most of the pre-season practices. This would be enough for most teams to draw a line, but it was only after he threatened the general manager for having the audacity to fine him for not turning up for work that they finally realised why Pittsburgh was prepared to take such a lowball offer and a cap hit just to get him off their roster.

So now he is a free agent and Oakland at least get to keep all that guaranteed money which was part of a three-year, $50.13 million deal with $30.13 million in fully guaranteed cash!

Now it will be interesting to see if Brown ends up “blackballed” like ex-San Fransisco, QB Colin Kapernick or if a team is willing to take a chance on him finally getting his head straight. There is no doubting his talent but when a player thinks they are above the organization adding them is a huge risk. If anyone does take the plunge there is no way they will offer him a similar contract.


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