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Who Can I Meet And What Can I Do?

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It’s not exactly clear to a lot of people what we can’t and can’t do as if Wednesday, so below is a clear guide of what is and isn’t allowed, starting from the 13th of May in the UK. 

It’s mostly depends on where you live, as Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England have different rules in place.

The PM has said people in England can now sit in the sun in the park, instead of only being allowed to sit for a short period whilst maintaining social distancing.

  • In Scotland and Wales people can exercise more than once a day from Monday. In Wales they should start and finish exercise from home.
  • People in England can exercise more than once a day from Wednesday 13 May.
  • People in England can play sports, with people from their households
  • People in England will be free to drive as far as they like
  • In Northern Ireland you can drive to a safe space for exercise
  • Dogs can be walked as part of a person’s daily exercise

Who can I see?

You can now see anyone in the country, technically. But there are definitely some restrictions in place which need to be remembered. You MUST only meet one person at a time (from a different household), outdoors and you MUST stay at least 2m away from eachother. The encounter MUST be outdoors, as the virus spread potential is the smallest here, due to a lack of surfaces and the wind.

You can now go back to work, if your workplace allows it, practice social distancing there, but still work from home if AT ALL possible.


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