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UK Covid-19 Cases Rise!

UK Covid-19 Cases Rise!
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Covid-19 has continued to rise in the UK, as this was to be expected. Health experts in the UK believed that there would be another spike of Covid-19 before winter gets underway, however the rise has caused a lot of people in the UK to become infected with Covid-19. 

“Infections have risen again across much of the United Kingdom, continuing the pattern of steady increases seen over recent weeks, although Scotland and the North East of England had uncertain trends in the latest week.” said Sarah Crofts.

This was warned and now has came a reality as more and more people in the UK are contacting Covid-19 in noticeable rise.

The vaccine is set to protect those that are over a certain age at the moment, as the booster is only out for those over 50, however the rise has taken place already.

Across the UK Covid is infecting:

  • one in 35 people in England (up from one in 50 the previous week)
  • one in 40 people in Wales (up from one in 50)
  • one in 40 in Northern Ireland (the same as before)
  • one in 50 in Scotland (down from one in 45)

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