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UK Covid-19 Update and How it came about!

UK Covid-19 Update and How it came about!
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During the pandemic, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson put the UK into lockdown, nothing much is happening right now, however the UK have finally sorted the Covid-19 situation and are now back to normality.

Covid-19 started in Wuhan, China with thousands of people contacting the deadly virus. No one knowing how contagious and deadly the virus actually was. Even with the infection rate so high, China still managed to have hundreds surviving and hundreds dying to this virus.

The virus started to spread everywhere as no one knew how to contain it and how it managed to get everywhere. With everyone managing to contact the virus, there was nothing else to do other than put everyone in lockdown!


Lockdown was one of the worst things that happened during the 2 years! No one able to go outside, shops, businesses and more struggling to stay open. The UK was in need of a change.

After 3 Lockdowns and possibly more, the UK are currently coping to live with Covid-19. Other places around the world are starting to do this too, however the fight may be over with Covid-19 but the war has not finished.

Covid-19 is not what the world is worrying about anymore as there is a new worry. Russia starting a war with Ukraine is the main focus on everyone’s attention right now!

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