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3 Million Adults in England are Still Unvaccinated!

3 Million Adults in England are Still Unvaccinated!
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The covid-19 vaccine has been a part of life for so long and a lot of people have gone to go and get it, to try and stop the virus from becoming more and more. There have been stats that have been revealed about the number of adults that have still yet to be vaccinated.

Covid-19 started back in 2020, with a lot of people struggling to get rid of the virus and a lot of people being seriously ill with the virus.

The vaccine was created in early 2021 and millions have managed to get the vaccine and have managed to see some major difference when they contact Covid-19 again, however, there are still millions of people out there that don’t have the virus vaccine yet.

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Experts say the figure includes some people who could get extremely sick if they were to catch the virus.

It is estimated that over 4 million people across England are still yet to have the vaccine as they either refuse to take it or haven’t had the time to take it.

The vaccine is known to help stop the virus from spreading and help stop you from contacting the virus so easily. Make sure to get this!

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