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Russia Lose a lot of Big Firms!

Russia Lose a lot of Big Firms!
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Russia have made a massive name for themselves. Invading a country, committing possible war crime and having almost 175 places across the world saying they should not of invaded Ukraine. There has been a lot of speculation when this war will end fully or if it will go into world war 3 but one thing’s for sure, Russia is losing all the firm’s!

Recently a lot of places and companies have went out of there way to not provide their product to Russia. Meaning they are pulling back from Russia due to the invasion.

Massive firms like Starbucks and Coca Cola have now stopped production in Russia and will more than likely keep this like this until further notice as Russia continue to invade Ukraine.

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A lot of places will follow the footsteps of these firms as nothing much can be done to stop the war than making the economy crash. As a lot of countries have sanctioned Russia. Like the US and UK.

Russia will more than likely continue the attack to Ukraine no matter what, as Putin is wanting to conquer Ukraine and make sure they get it in a sense.

What will happen to Russia if all firms disband from Russia?

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