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UK Covid-19 Update!

UK Covid-19 Update!
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The NHS is no longer under a lot of stress, there is a lot of issues with the new and so called improved rules coming into place and PM Boris Johnson is convinced that the UK will be fine with the new “living with Covid” plan!

With the cases slowly but surely going down further and further each week with no signs of Covid-19 coming back into the UK. With over 30,000 cases a day, this could cause a lot of issues for the NHS, however the number of cases going to hospital is decreasing each week! With nearly 50% difference in hospitalised Covid-19 patients!

The last of the remaining Covid-19 rules are soon to be scrapped as the Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last night! The last remaining rules are;

  • Self-isolate if you test positive.
  • Self-isolation support payments of £500 for those with low income.
  • Covid-19 test free.

Many more rules to soon be released too.



Living with Covid-19 is the new way of surviving with this infectious virus living in the background. Boris Johnson announced all remaining rules will be scrapped with the new plan put in place. This may not happen all the time, however this will more than likely stay until cases rise and the NHS staff is overwhelmed! For more Covid-19 information, click here!

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