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Covid-19: UK Cases Rise?

Covid-19: UK Cases Rise?
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Some people are reportedly managing to contact the virus again after cases seemingly went down. There hasn’t been a massive increase in cases, however there has been numerous reports suggesting that Covid-19 is increasing all across the UK. 

Covid-19 is hard to get rid of considering how fast the virus can spread between people. Some people are able to contact the virus again after already contacting it earlier last year, and or the third time going.

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A number of cases has been spotted all over the UK however the living with Covid-19 rule is still in effect as cases continue to rise. There is a small chance the cases with slow down during the summer and speed up again during the winter as winter is known for spreading viruses! 

Many people have still got the mild symptoms from Covid-19 instead of the serious ones as cases rise which is great. Showing the world that the vaccine can in fact work and make everything normal again.

If cases continue to climb to the point of 100,000 a day, PM Boris Johnson may intervene as there is a high chance of Covid-19 coming back to haunt the UK if the virus continues to spread like that.

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