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Omicron: Too Early to Lift Plan B?

Omicron: Too Early to Lift Plan B?
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As the world knows, Covid-19 has taken over, coming from nothing to something within the first few months of starting to understand what it is and how the virus works, however it was 2 years later when things started coming back to normal. Therefore having the world is in a global pandemic.

This all started in Wuhan, China and this one virus managed to infect everyone and work its way around the world. Starting from an animal market in China to now walking down the street and someone coughs!

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Omicron is the new variant that has swept the nation, mainly in the UK with, according to Boris Johnson over 50% of Covid-19 patients in the NHS have! This has caused a lot of issues, however, has PM Boris Johnson lifted restrictions too soon?

With the lifting of restrictions, there come a lot of issues and wins. The issues are;

  1. More people will come in contact with Covid-19.
    1. For those who have underline health issues or are over the age of 70 and struggle to cope with viruses, there is a lot of danger and issues surrounding them, and easing restrictions will make things worse for them.
  2. More chance of contacting Covid-19 in general.
    1. This means that if someone thinks it’s the common cold again instead of taking a test, then there could be a high chance the number of infected people will rise once again in the UK!

The advantages are;

  1. Learning to cope with.
    1. This allows everyone to learn how to cope with Covid and a step in the right direction.
  2. The more people learn how to cope with it and learn what to do, the better things get.

In my opinion, with Omicron being unknown and hard to understand, I believe this is a step in the wrong direction, but also in the right direction.

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