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New Covid Variant?

New Covid Variant?
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Recently, scientists have discovered a news Covid variant that has been causing major concerns in the US. This is the place it has been seen rapidly spreading. 

There has been some cases of this new variant spotted in other countries such as the UK, however it is mainly spreading in the UK.

The variant is known as XBB.1.5!

Covid Variant

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This new variant is similar to the Omicron variant that was discovered back in 2022. There has been reports that this variant has similar symptoms to Omicron.

XBB.1.5 evolved from the regular XBB variant that started in the UK in September 2022. XBB had a mutation that help it beat the body’s immune system.

“A bit of the genome from one virus gets joined up with another bit from a second virus, and they merge, and that goes on to transmit.” Said Dr Ewan Harrison.

Over 40% of the US are thought to have this new variant as it is making an impact on the US.

Hospital admissions have been rising in recent weeks due to the new variant as well.

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