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Covid-19 Boosters: Hope for Most Vulnerable!

Covid-19 Boosters: Hope for Most Vulnerable!
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Covid-19 has been a massive issue for many of us, the vaccine was what could have ended Covid-19 in many places across the world, however with this happening, a lot of scientists have said that boosters could be the way out of Covid-19!

More than a million vulnerable people could improve their protection if they take another booster. Boosters are the way through the virus and through the pandemic but there have been more guidelines given to the public.

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The Covid-19 vaccine was separated into 3 different vaccines that would give more immunity to Covid-19, however, some suggest that the more you have, the more it will work!

“Implementing these results could vastly improve the protection provided by boosters against Covid-19, for millions of people living with these conditions, Covid-19 has left them vulnerable to serious illness. We hope this evidence is the next step in helping them with their lives going forward.” Said Prof Abhishek!

Right now, Covid-19 is not as big of a deal as it once was, with less than 100,000 cases a day in many places, even China is getting back on track after the outbreak that recently happened. Having more drugs for this and more immunity for those who are more vulnerable is great!

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