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Covid-19: News and More!

Covid-19: News and More!
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Covid-19 right now, is not as bad as it once was, with thousands of people still being infected, more and more are needing less care in hospitals. This has led countries like the US and UK to start living with the Covid-19 rule, however, this has been happening for some time, as other places are trying to do a no covid-19 policy!

Covid-19 right now is at its worst, meaning that no one is being infected as much as some may have been and a lot of people have had the vaccine in many places across the world. Providing full health care and making it hard for this to be more infectious.

These are the current stats of Covid-19 vaccines in the UK, however, these are set to increase as more and more people will be required to have the vaccine at some point.

Will Covid-19 be nothing in a few years?

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