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Covid-19: UK Cases Fall?

Covid-19: UK Cases Fall?
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Covid-19 has been the biggest part of the past few years. 2019 was when it was discovered but not that major, however, 2020, 2021, and some parts of 2022 have been the worst for many people all across the world. In the UK now, it has slowed down…

For UK residents, they have seen a massive decrease in cases, and a lot of cases have continued to go down as time goes on. With now 1 in 10 people having Covid-19 in the UK, the world as we know it has changed to a none Covid-19 rules world!

This won’t be the end of Covid-19 as more and more variants will be discovered and will cause more damage in the world, however with new drugs and vaccines being discovered, there are no worries right now.

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How has Covid-19 suddenly stopped in the UK?

For the UK, there are two reasons why this may have stopped and may have decreased with the new rules in place!

  • No one is registering for their Covid-19 tests!
    • This is due to the unlikely events of another outbreak, however, people will not be registering their positive tests as Covid-19 is not as massive as it once was. Meaning not many people will care about going out in public with this virus or giving it to people as it is the same as a common cold!
  • The Vaccine is working,
    • With the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine, there has been a number of people managing to get away with not having Covid-19. Meaning not many people will be having Covid-19 from now until the vaccine stops.

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