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Covid-19: Blood Clot Research?

Covid-19: Blood Clot Research?
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Covid-19, once again showing that there is more to worry about than everyone originally thought, has seen another symptom be dropped by scientists and health experts but this can occur from both mild and serious symptoms.

After being infected with Covid-19, there is a risk of developing a serious blood clot for the next six months! This study was done in Sweden.

Image Credit: Mongkolchon Akesin

The research suggests that people that have had Covid-19 could have a high chance of a clot risk during the 6 months after having Covid-19. This could suggest that those who are vaccinated are clear of getting this risk. This is what someone from Umea University said about this new research and vaccinated people!

“For unvaccinated individuals, that’s a really good reason to get a vaccine – the risk is so much higher than the risk from vaccines,”

This new research could change the way people look at Covid-19 and the infection rates. There is still a chance of getting a blood clot after being vaccinated, however, the risk is smaller than it would be if someone isn’t vaccinated!

Banner and Image Credit: VK Studio

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