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Biden Doing Great After Testing Positive For Covid!

Biden Doing Great After Testing Positive For Covid!
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 Joe Biden has test positive for Covid-19 and has been reported to be doing great considering he is at risk due to his age. Covid-19 is currently spreading all across America and has infected a lot of people, Joe Biden has recently said he has it and is doing great considering what the virus can do!

The 79-year-old man, in which is fully-vaccinated and been booster jabbed twice, is experiencing “mild symptoms” and will continue to do all his duties, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

The US president doesn’t see the need in stopping everything due to Covid-19 as he isn’t having a hard time with it at the moment, however as time goes on this may change.

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His wife First Lady Jill Biden said she had tested negative and will continue to test until Joe Biden tests negative as there could be a way this will turn on her and be hard for her.

Covid-19 in  America isn’t as bad as it could have been as they decided to live with Covid-19 before the UK did and they managed to go from 100,000 cases a day to 50,000 a day. Which the UK are up and down at the moment.

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