Russian Forces have Withdrawn from Kyiv!

Russian Forces have Withdrawn from Kyiv!
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After the fight that took place not too long ago at Kyiv, the Russian Forces have decided to withdraw from Kyiv. Nothing has come up to why this may be happening, however strange as they won the battle of Kyiv and they just lost the Western side of Kyiv to Ukraine.

With this happening, there has been a mass amount of civilian’s trying to escape from Ukraine in an attempt to survive the war as they no longer want to live in Ukraine until the war is officially over as there is no telling if Russia will attack them next!

The Russian Forces against NATO and Ukraine

Image Credit: Darryl Fonseka

Meanwhile, there have been reports that NATE is going to send more weapons to help Ukraine. As the Ukraine Foreign Minister says this will help save more lives and will provide more support during the war that is taking place.

“I call on all allies to put aside their hesitations, their reluctance, to provide Ukraine with everything it needs because as weird as it may sound, today weapons serve the purpose of peace.” Said Dmyro Kuleba.

Alongside all of this, Russia could be seeing worse sanctions brought upon them as US President, Joe Biden has said that he will impose some sanctions on Vladamir Putin’s daughter and will raise the economy pressure on Putin!

Banner and Image Credit: Kutsenko Volodymyr

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