Russian Troops Fully Out of Northern Ukraine?

Russian Troops Fully Out of Northern Ukraine?
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During this war, the world saw Russia constantly attacking Ukraine and invading them from all angles other than from behind as that was Ukraine’s allies’ side, however, according to the UK Defence Ministry, Russian Troops are fully out of Northen Ukraine!

Some units will more than likely work their way towards the eastern side of Ukraine to fight in the Donbas, however, so far, the troops have left Northern Ukraine.

“Any mass redeployment from the north [is] likely to take at least a week minimum,” The UK Defence Ministry stated in a breif morning update on Ukraine.

As this was happening, there was more destruction in other parts of Ukraine, as Borodyanka has been attacked, a town near Kyiv. So far, during the attacks, there have been 26 bodies found as the Ukraine President stated this and also said that the situation was “significantly more dreadful” in Borodyanka than Bucha.

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The war will more than likely continue until Ukraine stop or until half of Russia has been stopped, as it is believed that while the troops have left one part of Ukraine, they have still attacked other areas of Ukraine with this too.

Not only this, reports suggest that Russian troops have used civilians as “human shields” showing they are aiming for civilians more than the military.

“The [Russians] are fascists, vandals. It was chaos, children and people crying… I don’t want to talk about the Russians. They’re not human beings,” A 60 year old Ivan told the BBC!

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