A Layman’s View of the Cosmos

A Layman’s View of the Cosmos

Life on Earth

My interest in cosmology started in 1974 when I was a young signalman in the Royal Navy. This resulted in me spending many long nights on the flag deck of ships with not much to look at but the night sky. From then on I started to wonder, and ask myself all the usual basic questions e.g. How did the universe start? How will it end? Why are we all here on earth? etc.

From then onwards, I started to think more deeply about the Cosmos. I started to read a few books and articles, much of which (according to my way of thinking) made sense, and perhaps because of my lack of scientific background, quite a lot of it did not. So, I’ve decided to put down in writing my thoughts on the way I think it was, the way it is, and the way it might be.

The Big Bang

The basic present theory is that the universe started with the ‘big bang’, or a singularity, as it is sometimes called.  This theory is generally accepted by almost all cosmologists. From singularity came all the matter that exists in the universe today. It is still expanding from its beginning outwards in every direction. The only difference I have concluded from this theory is that there is and always has been endless singularities that are, and have been occurring continuously throughout endless space from random positions. There has never been a start or never going to be an end. Just a continuous occurrence of these singularities at countless trillions of positions in space-time.

As a result of each big bang, there were no galaxies, just masses of the matter pretty much regularly spaced and accelerating away from its centre of origin. At some point, massive stars collapsed creating black holes of various masses. These black holes started to attract and consume all the matter in their immediate vicinity. The more matter having been consumed, the greater their gravitational properties. Therefore creating the galaxies that we observe today. Their size and shape determined by a combination of factors, whether they are young galaxies still in the process of being formed or more mature galaxies.

Black Holes

Whether that particular galaxy contains a number of black holes of similar properties or one that contains a singularity of such unimaginable gravitational pull that it cancels out the influence of any other black holes that maybe there. Indeed, as in our own galaxy, all the mass that is in it will eventually be consumed by the supermassive black hole that is at its centre. (A bit like water disappearing down a drain). I believe that all galaxies contain these holding forces. That is how they are formed. That is why they are there. (All this may become more evident when or if someone ever finds the missing answers to the incomplete theory of gravity which must lie somewhere in the science of quantum physics).

Galaxies then started to be attracted by other galaxies or by galaxies that used to be but are now just invisible supermassive black holes. It has been observed that some galaxies are going to collide in the future. I suggest that all matter and galaxies in our visible universe are all moving in different directions. Because of the effects of these black holes in combination with the different positions at the start of the original various singularities (perhaps sometime in the future it may become possible to accurately measure the speeds and directions that different galaxies are travelling. And, that we may then be able to pinpoint the positions of these original singularities and at what time they occurred). I then suggest that the mass of these black holes get bigger and bigger as they consume matter and conjoin with other black holes, they arrive at a point or limit (similar to the Chandrasekar limit). In that instant when this limit has been reached, this will trigger the whole big bang process again. A never-ending process.

What’s next?

The probability is that these questions will never be answered unless evolution has a part to play in all of this. As Darwin’s theory proves, life finds a way, maybe this is true even through death. Perhaps since the birth of life on Earth, mankind being the most advanced life form has evolved far enough to make the transfer from this existence into the next plane of spiritual existence, which will not require the physics of this universe to survive. It’s possible that this has already happened or will happen in this universe in the future, or some parallel universe, which there must be, because if this process is never-ending, eventually every situation must duplicate itself, resulting in countless trillions of parallel universes.

Perhaps, somehow, it is all linked together in some way? So who knows, maybe one day, we will all know the answers?


Paul A. Green


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