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Ronaldo to Stay at United?

Ronaldo to Stay at United?

Manchester United has respectively, gone downhill since the end of the Sir Alex Ferguson era. Recently, Ronaldo has expressed interest in leaving the club since they have gone down into Europa League football, however current Manchester United Manager has a different idea. 

The current manager has stated that the current world-class footballer, Ronaldo, will be a part of his future plans going forward and ahead of Ronaldo wanting to leave the club.

There has been a number of clubs wanting to sign the striker, such as Madrid, Chelsea, and other Premier League clubs.

Ronaldo has been said to want to leave the club after this season to venture to a new surrounding however while fans think he is the best player at United, one man believes that Ronaldo has made them worst.

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Ronaldo is a one for teamwork over skills, however, Manchester United have not won a game without the Portugalise man, meaning that United is unable to currently win a match without him, losing him would result in a worse league standing.

Will he leave?

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