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Arsenal 2nd! Manchester City 1st!

Arsenal 2nd! Manchester City 1st!

Manchester City went up against Arsenal in battle of who goes top the league and it was clear to see the difference between the two teams after the world cup!

Manchester City are currently the best team in the Premier League. The league champions and now leaders of the Premier League.

Arsenal were having an incredible season, looking like they were going to win it all, however after the world cup, form dropped a little bit and since then, they have not been able to continue form.

The top of the league has suddenly went down one space, however there is still time to change this and ensure that Arsenal get to top of the league once again.

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Arsenal do have a game in hand over Manchester City, however Arsenal will need to keep up with Manchester City to ensure that they will stay in the top part of the table.

Putting their heads down will make them lose more and more games and fumble the title race.

Even though Manchester City have these allegations, the likely-hood of them having any issues happen this season is very unlikely, however they could start next season with a -15 point reduction or maybe worse.

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