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Pogba Returns to Juventus!

Pogba Returns to Juventus!

Paul Pogba has not been able to show what he is fully capable of since re-joining his former side, Manchester United. Some fans calling him a flop and others calling him a great midfielder, there was mixed feelings about the French Star, however he has recently returned to the club that he made a name for himself at, to hopefully spark a great run like he did when he was there. 

Former Manchester United player, Paul Pogba, has returned to his former and new club Juventus on a free transfer.

This has came after the 29 year old wanted to return after two season in Manchester and has now completed his free transfer back to the Series A side that he won the Series A title with twice, and then scoring an £89 million transfer to United.

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There was a video posted about this transfer, in which Paul Pogba said this;

“As you can see, I’m back and I’m very happy – I can’t wait to start with you and win trophies with you. We’ll be there on the pitch in the stadium, all together.”

Juventus then responded with this;

When we say goodbye after an intense adventure shared together, there is always a glimmer of hope that we will see each other again, sooner or later. He left as a boy and returns as a man and a champion, but there is one thing that has not changed – the desire to write unforgettable pages of club history together once more. Pogba is back and we couldn’t be happier.”

Paul Pogba was by far one of Juventus’s best players back before signing with Manchester United. Scoring some unbelievable goals and he was unstoppable when it came to trying to get the ball off him. The tactics at United failed for him as he continued his run of form playing for France.

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