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Everton in Relegation Battle?

Everton in Relegation Battle?

Frank Lampard will be under fire after Everton are now in the relegation battle. They are typically a mid-table side and now they are fighting to stay in the Premier League. 

Everton haven’t had the best of seasons since Lampard took control of them. Losing a lot more games and now fighting for safety at the bottom 3.

There has been rumours of Lampard’s departure, however Lampard has stated that he will ensure Everton’s safety in the Premier League. This could go wrong for Everton fans and Lampard could end up getting sacked from the club.

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Lampard wasn’t the best manager at Chelsea and hasn’t had the greatest time at Everton, however if he stays up, he could stay at the club.

The former midfielder has stated that he will do anything possible to ensure safety in the Premier League.

The next game for Everton is against West Ham United on Saturday at 15:00 GMT. He needs to win this game as the next few are against top flight teams.

Will Lampard stay on at Everton?

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