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Could Graham Potter Get Sacked?

Could Graham Potter Get Sacked?

Current Chelsea manager Graham Potter is struggling to make an impact with Chelsea. A lot of fans believe that the manager is the cause for this, however is this true?

From the beginning of the year, to now, Chelsea have won 1 match, drew 1 and lost 3. There next game is against Liverpool on Saturday, 21st January.

Graham Potter has been in desperate need of finding one man that will change the course of Chelsea, Joao Felix was meant to be the man, however he got sent off in his first match with his new club.

Graham Potter

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For a lot of fans, the team is not performing as well as they should. A lot of people would blame the manager, however Chelsea haven’t been in the best run of form for some time.

Chelsea will have to start performing if Graham Potter wants to continue his duties at this club.

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