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Manchester United Lost It?

Manchester United have been the top European team to ever play football, the past decade, we have seen Manchester United win more titles than any other team in the Premier League and even in Europe… However, the past few years they haven’t been in top form and not performing like they should be! They have been going down the league and down in many fans’ eyes. They need to get back to where they were a few years ago under Sir Alex Ferguson! This year they went down by four positions in the Premier League, going from 2nd in the league to 6th… They need to start performing!

There have been rumours surfacing about the value of this club, rumours of the club going down from £129b to £119b in the past year due to their performance. Also, rumours of certain players getting pay cuts due to their performance on the pitch, example, Alexis Sanchez has been rumoured to of lost some money on his paycheck! This could all be rumours however and may not be true.

Despite some of the rumours, Manchester United are still not fully focused on the league or any cup competition. They have a new manager in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to start this season with them and hoping they start to perform better on the pitch, they have top quality players that don’t seem to do well in the Premier League and need to start to perform otherwise, Manchester United could go further and further down the league and could be in 17th by the time they sort there team out!

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