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The Resident! Season 1 Episode 11!

The Resident! Season 1 Episode 11!

And the Nurses Get Screwed…

The episode starts with Nic and Conrad in the hospital and Conrad goes to check on his patient who is in operation with Dr Bell working on him, then suddenly the patient get caught on fire and Conrad rushes in there to help.

We then get brought to Nic who is brought into the CEO office and Nic is now being investigated and is told she will no longer be allowed to work on patient until the investigation is over Nic is clearly confused why she the only one getting looked into. The meeting is then disrupted because of the fire in the ER she rushes down and talks to doctor bell and lets him know that she will find out what happened in the OR as she has recording devices so she will find out.

In the next scene we see Dr Bell in his office and Dr Hunter comes to check on him, asking if he was okay and he explains everything to her she said they’ll get though this together showing they are becoming romantically involved.

We then see Devon having his first proper day in the ER room working and that he’s not allowed to run off with Conrad and he given his first mystery diagnostic, there was clearly nothing wrong so Devon got order to give her a fake medication so she wouldn’t come back at all. We then see Nic and Conrad talking about the investigation and how they are pinning the blame on her for Lily death since she the escape goat.

The CEO is then seen re-watching the footage from the fire started in the OR and how it looks like to be all Doctor Bell fault, we then see Mina get brought in she explains to the CEO that it wasn’t his fault and that oxygen was coming out of the patient mask and they couldn’t see as oxygen can’t been seen. We then get to the patient who was set on fire to begin with and Conrad tells him about a favour he can get done by plastic surgery.

We then see Nic getting interviewed by the investigation team and they tell her about what killed Lily and how they believe it her fault and she caused her death by a potassium overdose. She couldn’t believe it at all she was truly shook by it. She knew she set the setting right she had triple checked it but they told her she killed Lily. After the meeting she goes to find Conrad telling him what’s happen.

The CEO then goes to investigates about the complicates rates in the OR with Mina but the other specialist for surgery says Mina is amazing and doesn’t make any mistakes and the Dr Bell comes in and say she really talented. Dr Bell then goes to chat with Mina but he finds out CEO already got to her and she tell him she told the CEO the truth.

We then see Dr Hunter now being interviewed but she put on a clear act to make sure Nic falls because of what she really did to Lily.

We then get brought to the patient set on fire and he’s clearly struggling Conrad come to help, as his O2 levels drop. We then see Devon learning how to draw my blood since that normally a nurses job.

We then and learn that Conrad interview got cancelled by Dr Hunter due to the fact of his romantic life with Nic. We

As the episode goes on Dr Bell is scene building a team to get rid of the CEO so he can take over and he does that flawlessly.

The Review

This episode was slightly rage inducing I felt so bad for Nic, it was frustrating to watch Nic basically lose her career  because of higher up people.



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