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The Resident! Season 1 Episode 10!

The Resident! Season 1 Episode 10!


The episode starts where we see Conrad running remembering everything to do with Lily and Dr Hunter. He doesn’t pay attention and runs straight into a biker and hurts his ankle badly.

We see him come into the hospital and he see’s his old teacher who happens to think very fondly of him saying to him that he was her favourite students. She had came into the ER because she claims she can see ghosts.

We then see Doctor Bell and the CEO going to meet the second richest man in China however they don’t get a chance due to the media and Dr Bell says he’ll meet him upstairs.

In the next scene we get brought back to Lily old room her patient name still up. Inside the room we see Nic clearly hurt by Lily passing and telling Devon she was stable before she left. Conrad comes in telling her what happens and then throws patient name in the bin.

Conrad is clearly upset by Lily passing and he trying to distract himself and tell Devon about his old teacher while he trying to make sense of Lily untimely death.

We see Conrad going to get some medicine for his ankle and injecting himself with what we assume is a painkiller. Mina comes into the room exciting hearing that Conrad old teacher is here and her name is Eileen Jacoby and she is a very well known woman in the medicine world.

We then get brought back to the rich person who is getting an operation and he has a problem with the room number as it was 1664 and 4 in means death in China.

Next we are brought back to Eileen Jacoby who asked to talk about her ghosts we find out that the ghost she see’s is of people she couldn’t save during the year she operated on.

We then see Devon had ordered a scooter for Conrad with his ankle but he refuses it.

We see Conrad, Devon and Nic all going for a meeting about Lily death and we see Dr Hunter there and they all push for a autopsy. However the three of them are very confused to why. But in the previous episode we saw Dr Hunter messing with Lily drip before she died.

Nic then get sent upstairs to the VIP wing to deal with the VIP and she sorts him out instantly without trouble where as all the other nurses seem to struggle.

Mina then get to meet Mrs Jacoby and is shocked about how she see’s ghost and now understand why she came for help at the hospital. She was afraid that she had lost her mind.

The Review

This episode was a weird one it was very odd, everything felt weird as we watch some people relive the past and try to get over the hard loss over Lily. But we also watched how Dr Hunter and Dr Bell get close trying to take control over the hospital.





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