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Real or Fake? Plane lands near Beach?

Real or Fake? Plane lands near Beach?

The world has had some mysterious stuff happen throughout the past few months, with a lot of mystery, there comes one topic that many people will not understand, how planes randomly disappear. This is an issue that some people don’t understand, however, others may see it as an opportunity to go and investigate online, however, nothing can be found. Others may get lucky and see a plane about to land near them. Planes nowadays are safer than ever, however, there are some places that can make people think twice before going onto a plane again! Just look at this image!

This image claims to show a plane about to land by the beach! Now, this could be one of two things;

  • A plane crashed and they got a lucky image
  • Fake image with a fake plane photoshopped in.

There is no chance this can be real… Or can it?

Looking at the image at first glance, it looks like it’s pulling an emergency landing, with the way it’s near a lot of people and near a beach, that’s what we would all assume right now. Otherwise, there is a secret airport there that no one knows about. Let’s look at the possibilities, either a great image and got lucky before the landing or there is something behind we can not see.

The image at first glance may look fake, however, this is actually very real! The image was taken on Maho Beach which is a beach in Sint Maarten. There is actually a location in the world with an airport next to a beach and beachgoers have to be careful of the plane as they may get too close to it! How amazing is that! The video below shows what it looks like!

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Banner and Image Credit: iQoncept

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