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Real or Fake? Dog Escapes Alligators?

Real or Fake? Dog Escapes Alligators?

The world is a cruel place, everything is about if this is real or fake, some stuff happen for a reason, some stuff happen when it wasn’t suppose to and others just happen and people are shocked at how it happened! There are a few videos out there that show animals are smart, other show that people are great at editing, however there are some videos that no one knows about… Like this video linked below!

This video claims to show a video of a dog swimming away from some Alligators. Very smart dog if you tell me, however there is some stuff that seem weird to me. The water seems to be off? Where did the dog manage to get that jump from? Why didn’t the Alligators attack the dog? Maybe its just ironic that the dog landed on the Alligator and got the jump off… Maybe the water wasn’t very high… But ones thing for sure… we will know if this video is real or fake!

Dog saving himself from Alligators has been looked at and researched… and this has now been seen as a fake video! Yes this video is massively fake! The dog has been edited in and or the Alligators has been edited in! Bills Channel is the one to thank for this as he also covered this in a recent YouTube Video, Click here to watch it! Click here for more Real or Fakes!

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