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Mammals (2022) Series Trailer

In this darkly comedic drama Mammals from writer, Jez Butterworth, revelations and secrets come to light, and the complexity of modern marriage and fidelity are exposed. What happens after we’ve found ‘the one’ in a world of eight billion? Can we stay faithful to the promises we strive to keep when, after all, aren’t we all just MAMMALS?

Credit Amazon Studios/Dignity Productions Ltd
L-R – James Corden (Jamie Buckingham), Colin Morgan (Jeff Wilson)

Mammals Description

What starts as a romantic getaway quickly escalates into a dark comedy-drama which explores the truths at the heart of modern relationships.

MAMMALS follows the story of Jamie (JAMES CORDEN), a Michelin star chef whose world implodes when he discovers shocking secrets about his pregnant wife, Amandine (MELIA KREILLING). Jamie finds himself hunting for answers with the help of his brother-in-law Jeff (COLIN MORGAN).

Through this hunt, the cracks in Jeff’s marriage to Jamie’s sister Lue (SALLY HAWKINS) also widen. Jeff attempts to get through to Lue, but this only makes Lue descend deeper into a secret fantasy world.

Meanwhile, after a tragic loss, Amandine delves into her passion for violin but finds solace from an unlikely source.

Mammals is a six-part series written by two-time Olivier and Tony Award-winning JEZ BUTTERWORTH. It is a comedy-drama about the complexities of marriage: there is sadness, grief, tension, love, friendship, betrayal, and a touch of magical realism.

When their actions’ consequences come to light,  the revelations send shockwaves through both families. In this thrilling ride through the lies they hide in their relationships, secrets are revealed, and nothing is what it seems.

Series Credits

Created by
Jez Butterworth
James Richardson

Produced by
Street Hassle, in association with Vertigo Films and Fulwell 73

Executive Produced by
Jez Butterworth
James Corden
James Richardson

Directed by
Stephanie Laing

James Corden
Sally Hawkins
Melia Kreiling
Colin Morgan
Henry Lloyd-Hughes
Samuel Anderson

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