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Google Deletes Negative Comments on TikTok!

Google Deletes Negative Comments on TikTok!

TikTok is currently one of the most popular apps on the market right now and has a lot of young and old people using it for fun, there have been hundreds upon thousands of people using this app, celebrities or not. This app is for everyone and anyone can use it. The app is extremely popular and some people seem to enjoy it, however other seem to hate the app and comment on a review about it, however, Google deletes the comments! There is some reason why this has happened, however, there is one main reason that has sparked up!

The app store reported showed the app on 4.5 rated stars, however, the app went down to 1.5 rated due to a lot of negative feedback by fans and or haters of the app. The main reason why this happened to the app was because of a TikTok star known as Faizal Siddiqui. He reportedly uploaded a TikTok video that offended a lot of people, this resorted in an outbreak of hate comments on the app store, he later apologized after this and uploaded this on his Instagram. Google on the other hand had other things to say about the people uploading hate comments!

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Google decided to say that they deleted the comments due to everyone “supposedly” creating fake accounts and uploading the comments on their app! This is strange that Google would think that but a lot of apps have had something similar happen to them, however, this is one of the first times Google has deleted comments!


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