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Dead by Daylight! The Trickster!

Dead by Daylight! The Trickster!

The Trickster is 1 out of 25 Killers currently in the game known by Dead by Daylight and he is one the newest killers that has came into the game. He is one of those Killers that is known as a ranged Killer as he has ability  that allows him to send a rapid flurry of his blades and his power that causes this is called Showstopper.

Just like any normal killer he has three personal perks and they are called, Starstruck, Hex: Crowd Control and No Way Out. These perks allow him to quickly down survivors and block off areas to give him advantage to getting killers quickly.

This Killer is counted as easy to play due to it not taking much time or effort to learn how to play.


The Trickster real name is Ji-Woon Hak and he was a man who thrived under people attention, he would get the overwhelming feeling of feeling energized by every eye that landed on and for every voice that would call his name. He loved it, loved it all. Amidst the prestige, he only ever had one desire and this shows his true greed wanting more and more attentions it was like a drug to him. Even from his childhood he was like a magnet as he always had a talent to draw in crowds. While working at his family restaurant he would attract large mass amount of crowds with amazing performance he would do with his throwing knifes. The tourist that came to watch him believed this was simply part of the South Korean experience, due to this they were happy enough to part ways with their money in order just witness the throwing knife attraction. Ji-Woon’s father made the decision to spend the earning from the restaurants on his son, this gift him with vocal lessons and dancing lesson pushing him to go for fame which he could never get himself.

He proceed not to disappoint and after years of him performing and showing crowds of people his talents and abilities he hit the jackpot and set on his way to stardom. This jackpot happened to be the famous producer known as Yun-Jin Lee who was a producer at the Mightee One Entertainment. She decided to recruited Ji-Woon into her training program. Once he joined the training program he got transferred to a dormitory in Seoul, this where he started spending 14 hours a day  where he was crafted onto a start and further teaching on how to dance and sing and how to portray himself as the perfect mix of modesty and confidence.

As the process went on it became very draining on the young star to be however it worked and Yun-Jin selected Ji-Woon to join the band known as NO SPIN this bringing a whole another energy out in their tracks. Frame was basically immediate. This sent Ji-Woon into a dream like daze swarmed with interviews and adoration. Each and everyday that past took its tole on the band as the frenzied pile of work kept coming it, it lead them into exhaustion. The days went by proving he was greater than what the mediocrity society spewed out.

But over the time the great fame which you could compare to champagne began to grow stale. As he would look at his adoring fan he could see the joy in their eyes and how the envy split five ways and thinned out between all the band members. The validation that had filled him stared to disappear and it began to leave him desperate yearning for much more.

Ji-Woon continues on keeping up impressions, he keeps mimicking the charm he had but underneath held a lot of loathing. He recorded NO SPIN latest album with his other bandmates not once missing a beat. Not a single one. After a long lunch break, a gift had been granted to him as he came back to the studio. An overwhelming of the scent of burning wires was unmistakable. He was fast to make it to a control room he found a door blocked by a few fallen speakers in front of it, the other side of door he could hear the pounding of the bandmates and their cries and pleas that was accompanied by the sound of crackling flames.

Ji-Woon called to them making a frantic dash to the speakers grabbing one and then he stopped and froze. He began to process all of his thoughts with each breath he reached to the conclusion. He could he the cries that were slowly becoming audible, taking his time he slowly backed away the only thing he could here was them screaming his name while they began to burn alive. The screams and cries of pain, Ji-Woon! Ji-Woon! Ji Woon Hak! It was something about the pain and the screaming that bought the most beautiful sound he ever heard to his ears . When the fire crew came his tears were genuine.

After the news he got considered a hero and was celebrated as a tragic figure who did all he could a futile attempt to save his beloved bandmates and friends from the claws of death. His manger took Ji-Woon around and paraded him thought-out all the interviews before she made the decision to rebrand. At this moment he was reborn into the Trickster who was an solo artist where he began to make his songs he showed a soft heart beneath wild exterior, however when away from the lime light and the television stages and concerts something began to grow darker and darker.

He began to target people who lived alone and began coming them at the darkness at night. The first night he paid a visit to a music college student who could be described as having a captivating voice. The Trickster woke the student up with a baseball bat to the skull. He then proceeded to bind him by both legs and arms and then gags him with a rag. He then proceeded to torture the the man for hours before dissecting him alive. But throughout this something was still missing, a sound and some sort of connection. The Trickster craved the sound of his victims voice wanting him to plead as his belly was cut open, but at then end all he received was muffled cried through the rag. He would have to learn and adjusted.

Throughout months  went by as he continued this on while during the day he was on the stage and at night he murder at the night. But one time after Viscera drained from stage with the final toss of his throwing knife the final human instrument fell silent. Now her was covered in blood and sweat and turned to look at Yun-Jin and bowed the final curtain call and now it was time to tie up loose ends. However before he reached her the fog rolled in.

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