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Arcane! Season 1 Episode 9!

Arcane! Season 1 Episode 9!

The Monster You Created

The episode starts with Jayce standing over a dead boy from the fight, and Vi talks to him but he was already done with the fight but Vi fights back she said everything wasn’t over for her, but Jayce demanded his weapon back and she tries to fight him but he lets her walks away.

We then are brought to Silco who looks at the damage both Vi and Jayce had done and he was going to have them dealt with.

In the next scene we are taken to Mel and her mother , Mel is furious to say the least and tells her stay away from Jayce. They then have a private chat and Mel mother expresses how much she destroy the world for the family and the reason behind casting Mel out was because she weaken her.

We are then brought to Victor who is stood contemplating taking his own life before Jayce interrupts him and they end up talking to one another about the past.

We then get brought back to Silco in his office and some people came who were mad and wanted to over throw Silco trying to use Sherika against him however she proves her loyalty and kills the one trying to over throw him.

We then see him meeting up with Jayce to make a deal from between the undercity and the topside. He arranges a meeting between the council so they can give him the commands. However he demands Jinx and Silco doesn’t want to give her up as she is like a daughter to him.

We then see Silco sitting by a statue of Vander talking to him finally understanding why he was all those years ago. Then we are brought to Vi walking into the last drop again and Sevika decides it time for one good last fight the same as Vi.

Vi wins the fight but even after being weak she wanted to fight Silco however Jinx came behind her and knocked her out.

Vi then comes to tied up sitting at the table while Jinx talks about there past and then asks if there still sisters and Vi confirms they are, once seeing the table it was everything reminding them of there past. however Vi at one point think that Jinx killed Caitlyn.

This scene was just one twisted tea party and Jinx asks Vi to kill Caitlyn but she refuses however Vi tries to protect her and then Silco tries to manipulate Jinx again but it was painful for her and Caitlyn manages to get out of her restrains and her and Jinx both have a weapon however Jinx ends up knocking Caitlyn out but Jinx freaks and ends up firing her gun and then kills Silco.

In Silco final words he tells Jinx she is perfect and that when she decides to finish the weapon once and for all.

We see her launch the weapon for the final moment.

The Review

This final episode of the series was fantastic, it really left us on the edge of the seat wanting more. I also think it showed you a lot of heart break and action between the relationship and just how close the characters really were.

The action and fight were beautifully down and I really enjoyed it I found it amazing

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