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Arcane Season Review

Arcane Season Review

Arcane season one was a blast we got to find out a lot about the characters and about there past and how they became to be what they are now and what they will later become in the popular game. The series had lot’s of action, heartache and excitement. I found it great I really loved seeing the character development between all the characters and how they form bonds throughout the season and how some are more surprising than others.

I found that Jinx had the best changes throughout the season and it was nice to show her intelligence however you also grow an attachment to her feeling bad for here with the Trauma she seems to constantly go thought.

The character I least enjoyed was Jayce and I feel like there could’ve been a lot more done with him. I like his character in the beginning but as it went on I started to dislike him in the way he was and acted there were so times where it works.

My favorite episode was number 8 that was because of the key turning points between the episode watching Caitlyn and Vi lose there connection, watching how Jinx came back to life while also Victor losing someone who really cared about him.


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