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Arcane! Season 1 Episode 4!

Arcane! Season 1 Episode 4!

Happy Progress Day

The episode kicks off in what seems to be in the future where hextec is now a very common thing, Jace was asked to do a speech for the day to show the progress of the city, The city seems to be full of life and is really busy for the day as the city is now 200 years old.

We then see Jace flicking an enforcers hat which we find out it is Caitlyn now all grown up and she twist his wrist for flicking her hat. Caitlyn seems annoyed as she has been put on the job to watch her mother tent. Jace makes a comment for her not following in a better life path however Caitlyn clearly state she want’s to explore the world.

We then go to what seems like a supply station with people who are clearly up to no good and we find it from the people downtown which it means the undercity, however a fight breaks out against some masked people. The leader clearly opens the create seeing lots of shimmer. He sends some people to burn the one underneath but then they get trapped.

We now get her first look at a now grown up powder, who seems to go insane as she begin to fight someone and continues unloading her machine gun.

We then get an insight to Jace and Victors new projects which are portable devices to show to people however the professor doesn’t agree and say it should be looked into more before coming into the public.

We then come back to the shipment incident, but Caitlyn and a few guards watching it, Caitlyn sneaks onto the crime scene and begins to look around mapping it all out in her head flawlessly while also taking pictures collecting her own evidence. She find someone and tries to help them but the commander tells her basically to get lost and gives her even more easy jobs to do even know she could do so much more.

We then get a new look into the undercity which is now ran by Silco, one of Silco main girl, complains how Powder is a problem however he doesn’t think so. We then see Powder jump down and talks to Silco. We then find out Powder new name is Jinx as she help him with a seem to help with his eye. We find out the name of Silco main girl is Sevika.

We are then brought back to upper city where we are brought to Mel talking about business it seems like when Jace walks in everyone eyes are on him and he seems to whisks Mel away from her conversation.

We are then brought back to Jinx who is in her own hideout however she seems to be in a bit in a psychosis state as she talks to herself about being weak.

We are then brought over to Jace and Victor before he gives his speech for progress day, after the speech we are brought back to Caitlyn who seems to be being bullied by the other enforcers when she spots a fire. They all rush and try to get fire under control however get caught in a explosion. She catches sight of Jinx going into the council before blacking out.

We are then brought to Silco telling Jinx off for the mess she had cause in the upper city.

We are then brought to Caitlyn who is patch up from the explosion, and Caitlyn shows her own investigation about all the crimes and how they are linked. Caitlyn is then offered to be one of Jason staff member’s to keep her safe however she declines she doesn’t care about danger.

Caitlyn then goes to the prison to try talk the inmate who was scent that day however that was not possible so she goes to find the person who hurt the prisoner who was scent today, We see Caitlyn going to talk to prisoner 156.

The Review

This episode was amazing we got see nearly everyone all grown up and what they had done with themselves it was really good to see what had happened and how the past had effected there choices in the future for there life’s and there personalities. Once again would highly recommend the episode was really enjoyable.

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