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The Best Conspiracy Thoeries

The Best Conspiracy Thoeries

Let me guess… you’re bored at home. 

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. After all, there is a pandemic going on outside which you should be actively trying to avoid.

But if video games aren’t your thing right now and TV isn’t cutting it you may be looking for a new form of entertainment; a new way to exercise your mind. Well look no further.

Have you ever heard of conspiracy theories? They’re quite popular nowadays, especially with everyone thinking the powers at be are out to get us and and testing on Aliens in an American desert. Those are conspiracy theories in themselves. Everyone believes in at least one, I’m sure.

They get crazier though. Like suggesting our reality isn’t real, that we’re in a simulation (this is one that actually has some scientists backing it), or that the government controls the weather. Regardless of the theory, even if it’s far fetched, in this day and age why should we settle for simple, boring answers? If you agree check out Nick Hinton’s conspiracy theory thread below. He’s an intelligent guy who’s put these together himself. Some are quite scary, and even scarier is that the scary ones often make sense. Read more below.

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