What Happened To Denise Marie Sheehy?

Denise was last seen leaving her family’s residence at the Mets apartment complex in the 4800 block of 46th Street in the Woodside neighborhood of the New York City borough of Queens on July 7, 1970.

This date happened to be her sister’s nineteenth birthday.

Denise and her mother had argued at dinner because her mother thought Denise had been drinking alcohol. She left the house angrily and without taking any personal belongings. A neighbor saw her climb over a fence behind the building and leave the complex via an adjacent Mets building. She never returned home and has not been heard from again.

Denise’s boyfriend was visiting relatives in Pennsylvania when she disappeared, but he came home to assist with the search. The police have ruled him out as a suspect in her case, and her family doesn’t think he was involved either.

Denise’s father is dead, but her mother and sister are still alive and hope she will be located. She has never been declared legally dead. Her case remains unsolved.

Information courtesy of the Charley project and meaghan good. 

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