Kelly Cochrane



This crime is about a murder of two men who had one thing in common sleeping with a woman called Kelly Cochrane, however one man is dead while the other at the time was missing. He we’ll find out what was the key killer mistake was. The detectives go into this case of easy sex and a pact to kill.

Kelly Cochrane was married to man called Jason and he begged his wife to stay home and not have affairs but she never listened and what they ended up plotting to murder anyone that they had an affair with them they would end up dead.

In 2016 an Indian cop decides to make up a story that seems to show the truth of Kelly Cochrane and her late husband Jason. So one of Jason’s friends phoned Kelly Cochrane saying that Jason had mailed her letter about if anything was ever going to happen to him that he would need to give this letter to the police.

A man that her husband knew she was having an affair with was in great danger without even realising it, as what they attached to there wedding vows if they had an affair they were allowed to murder.

The man was called Christopher Regan and one day she lured this man to her house, with the promise of a great dinner and maybe some fun after. With that he set off he even had to draw his own map just to get to Kelly house safely. While he was on the way to Kelly house he was on the phone to his ex girlfriends house. They were still very good friends and she was excited for him because the very next day he was going to start his brand new life and a new Job. That was the last time she ever heard from him.

The ex girlfriend was beginning to get more and more worried as time went on. She eventually went looking for him he was at home and never came to work. A week had went by before she went to the police after finding his car and on the passenger side you could see a sticky note with directions and at this point she knew this was the last place he had ever went to.

The police were quick to go to the address that the discarded note had said to go and that lead to the home of Kelly Cochran. The police came to the door and were met by Jason who seemed very irritated and they then asked for Kelly and he told them that she wasn’t there.

However one of the police men had noticed a silhouette in the window upstairs of the residents and actually mentioned that to the sergeant that someone was upstairs, while the sergeant was talking to Jason, Kelly then presents herself to the police and then talks to her outside. She admits to the police she was having an affair with Chris and also confirms she knew he had to show up for a medical at his new job but claims that she hadn’t seen him since around about the 12th and 13th of October. When they talk more and more about there relationship with him she always refers to him in the past tense. At this point no one had mentioned that he was missing or possibly murdered.

After the ex girlfriend found out about Chris’s affair with Kelly she had googled both Kelly and Jason to find out what they had looked like and at that point she was glad she did because she was afraid due to the fact she didn’t know where Chris was and in her mind she had a feeling that he was killed, and these two were the last to see him alive and that they did in fact murder him, she also had no doubt about these two being the murders of Chris.

Kelly claims to the police that she hadn’t seen Chris in a couple of weeks and in matter of fact the police full well knew it had only been a couple a day since she last seen him. She continues to speak in the past tense as in a couple weeks when it only been a few days. The police had there theory but proving it was another thing.

They interviewed both Kelly and Jason but nothing came of it and she claimed she stopped by his apartment but he wasn’t there. The police could not find any evidence of any of foul play.

As days turned into weeks the ex girlfriend knew she needed help in order to find Chris, however they was no shortage of volunteers. The ex searched everywhere she could but was always fearful if Kelly found out it was her who reported him missing that she would sent Jason after her. Many people assumed he may of had an accident it wasn’t uncommon for this to happen, some people theorised that he just left without telling anyone and that was that and that he didn’t want to found, his ex was not having that she knew something was seriously wrong.

When Chris went missing it was his first ever time at Kelly house as she would normally go to his, so the one time he went to her house was the last time he was ever seen it was odd to say the least and the ex girlfriend knew it had to be something to do with Kelly and her husband Jason.

6 months after Chris’s disappearance when he was last seen at Kelly’s household, the police were finally given permission to search the Cochran household. After the house was search until 10pm the next day Kelly and Jason take off and leave with whatever they could fit in there truck and would never return.

Around about a month later the emergency services get a called from Kelly saying that her husband just died. She thought that he had taken an over dose of heroin. Kelly phoned Jason friends and tell him that Jason died that night and his wife of Jason friend said well she killed him. He thought about it over the weekend before being persuaded by his wife to call the police and let them know that Jason was dead. Jason friend then called the FBI and told them how Kelly and Jason were suspects for this guy who went missing and that he wanted to let them know one of them died on the Saturday and now at that point for him it was Monday, and right away the man asked how did Jason die?

The man said to the FBI, I didn’t even say it was Jason who died  and the police said back if one of them died it had to be Jason. This then lead the police to take a closer look at Jason death only to find out it was no accident. He had died due to strangulation that was complemented with heroin intoxication, this leads to the murder investigation being launched.

Now there was two men dead in two different states and only one thing linking them together this was Kelly Cochran. Jason was drug user who was murdered while Chris was still missing at that point in time it had almost been two years.

When the police arrived at Jason Parents house, the place when he was murder the police were only there to take picture. When he arrived he explained to Kelly why he was here and she asked questions like are you here to question me? This lead to the response of should I be questioning you?

It was after Jason funeral when Kelly was called in for questioning, this is where the real cat and mouse game began as they started to hunt for the killer’s mistake.

In order to get Kelly to confess they need to come up with a creative way which they did with a fake letter and Jason friend to back it up. They hoped Kelly would get scared it may incriminate her and cause her to confess. The plan had worked perfectly to a degree she was making an attempt to flip the script and try to be a witness and not a suspect but she will always be a suspect in the cases of these too men.

Her version of even was that her and Chris were making out on the top of the stairs and Jason had come across them and ended up shooting Chris with a single shot of a rifle to the head. The question was left what happens to his body the police then find out that Jason often talked to his father of what he called slicing and dicing which is where he would cut people up and feed them to the dog.

Once Kelly is presented with this she agrees to show the police where her and Jason had buried Chris body parts and within 10 minutes they found his skull also that day she showed investigators where she had threw the gun which was recovered.

Kelly was later found Guilty for Chris murder and then the murder of the husband. She was sentenced life in prison without parole in 2016 she accepted a sentence of 85 years as part of plea deal.





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