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Greek Mythology: Ares

Greek Mythology: Ares

Ares is known as the god of war, he was known for more of the brutal, unforgiving and also the slaughter side of war. He was not like by many gods or mortals. His sister Athena hated him because of him having no sense of feeling or forgiveness and his lack of respect for lives. He was the son of Hera the Queen of all of all god and Zeus the king of all god and lightening. He had many siblings relating from Zeus.

His brother Hephaestus had the pleasure of marrying one of Ares most fond lovers due to his brother horrible appearance Zeus claimed that marrying Aphrodite to Hephaestus was a good idea and less threatening. However Ares end up becoming one of Aphrodite most known lover and they even had children together. Aphrodite was known for having many lovers along god and morals but Ares and her was the most well known in Greek mythology. When he’s mentioned in Greek stories its normally to do with humiliation, One of the most popular stories which is known is when Aphrodite’s husband found out about there romance and using a little device he trapped them both naked in a bed and humiliated them both to all gods in Olympus.

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