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Maltese – Toy

Maltese – Toy

Maltese – Toy

Name Maltese - Toy
Size Small
Grooming Routine Grooming
Training Moderate
Exercise Daily 30 mins at least walks
Origins Malta/Mediterranean region

The Small and Affectionate Dog!

Quick Overview

The Maltese is a small and affectionate type of breed that is known from being from the Mediterranean region. This one dog is known for his silky, trademarked white fur that accentuates its big eyes! This type of dog can be used as a watchdog at times too, dispute it's size, they can be used to alert there owners about an intruder. A great option for those who want a low shedding dog that requires a routine grooming check!

Name:                                                 Maltese

Size:                                                    9 to 10 inches

Weight:                                               under 7 lbs

Grooming:                                         White, black points

Exercise:                                             Daily walks

Training:                                             Easy to Moderate training

Origins:                                               Mediterranean

Lifespan:                                             12 to 15 years

Breed Type:                                      Maltese

History of the Maltese Breed?

The Maltese is traced back thousands of years ago into the history of the Mediterranean region. The breed was found on ancient Greek pottery and was even admired by the philosophers Aristotle. Roman aristocrats once kept Maltese as a symbol and carried the dogs around with them at all times. Unlike many small dog breeds, the Maltese wasn't breed from massive to large dogs, it has always had a small stature!

After a while, once the Roman empire fell, the number of dogs in this breed seemingly decreased over time, however the Chinese breeders managed to keep this breed alive and even crossed this breed with another cross breed of toy breeds!

In 1988, they were recognized in the American Kennel Club and remained popular to this day!

Fun Facts About Your Maltese Dog!

Love them or hate them, here are some Five Minutes Spare hard facts that may or may not entertain you:

  • One of the largest history's of any dog.
    • Most dogs will have traced 100s of years, however the Maltese traced back thousands of years, to the Roman Empire to be specific!
  • For a small dog, they are great watchdogs.
    • Not many people will know this, however this breed of dog is known for being a watchdog, alerting there owners about intruders.
  • They were once used as a symbol during the Roman times!

3 fun facts that some people may not of known about this rare type of dog!

Are They Hard to Train?

The Maltese will need proper training and socialization to be a happy dog. Meaning the owner can't leave them to learn by themselves and learn via shouting at them, however if the owner uses the right methods and maybe rewards the Maltese with a treat, they will be able to learn quicker and will be willing to learn more!

 Do they Need lots of Exercise?

The Maltese have got a medium energy level, and or moderate as some people will call it, therefore this breed of dog will need at least 30 minutes walk a day. Maybe going up as far as one hour a day depending on how your dog reacts to 30 minutes a day!

How Often do I Groom my Maltese?

Due to this breeds coat, they will need regular grooming check ups, they will need brushed three times a week to keep the coat silky and regular trims alongside that!

Are they Healthy Dogs?

This type of rare breed is known for being quite healthy but can have some issues surrounding health in the future. Some of the conditions they may be prone to are:

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Heart issues
  • Liver issues
  • Encephalitis

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