Bull Terrier (Miniature) – Small But Beautifully Formed

Bull Terrier (Miniature) – Small But Beautifully Formed

Miniature Bull Terrier the mini-me of Bull Terriers since 1872!

Attracted to the Bull Terrier but looking for something a little on the smaller side? Well, you are in luck as they have brought out the Miniature version just for you. Read on and learn a little about the Bull Dogs’ small but beautifully formed cousin.


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Quick Overview

Name:                                  The Miniature Bull Terrier

Size:                                       Up to 14 inches total

Weight:                                Up to 28 Lbs

Temperament:                 Upbeat but dignified

Exercise:                              Minimal for puppies, 1.5 hours adult dogs

Training:                               On the stubborn side

Grooming:                          Minimal to none

Lifespan:                              10 to 14 years

Origins:                                 Britain

Breed Type:                        Terrier

History Behind the Miniature Bull Terrier

This delightful miniature version of the Bull Terrier is a gorgeous breed that was first recorded in 1872 in Britain. Little is actually known about their history since it is believed that bull terriers (their big cousin) were once of a similar size. When they were first recorded in the history books, interbreeding between the two was still considered normal.

Over time, the bull terrier, and the miniature bull terrier, split off into two separate breeds. According to the AKC, the miniature bull terrier began life in the 1830s. Regular breeders of the bull terrier at that time decided to make a smaller version that was capable of working as a ratter. The miniature version was born, although not recorded until many years later.

The miniature bull terrier is primarily a rat chasing dog. They have a high prey drive, so should not be let off the lead to run. They will chase squirrels, cats, rats, rabbits, sheep, and even the occasional horse. A miniature bull terrier does not appreciate that it is small. The AKC notes that it is a very protective and loyal breed.

Fun Facts About Your Miniature Bull Terrier Puppy!

Every breed of dog has good points and bad points. Few have fun facts, and some have interesting aspects – but all dog breeds are special. So here are some of our favourite things about the miniature bull terrier:

  • The miniature bull terrier has a breed standard in the UK kennel club, the United kennel club, the American kennel club, and various others including Australia and Canada. It’s a well-traveled dog breed.
  • This breed is easily recognisable by that long snout… but it is their eyes that are totally unique. They are one of the very few breeds registered with the AKC and UKKC as having ‘triangle’ shaped eyes.
  • They are fighting dogs. There is no disguising the fact that the bull terrier, their big cousin, was bred to fight. The mini would have found itself in rat pits, expected to chew its way out, on more than one occasion.
  • They are one of the most compulsive tail-chasing breeds that exist. Alongside the German Shepherd Dog, it is reported that they will get OCD when it comes to catching that tail!
  • There is a common myth that the white versions of these dogs are deaf. This is not true. Any version of this dog can be deaf, but it is true of other breeds, so we sort of see where the notion came from.

So you see, the Mini-me of the Bull Terrier is one of the funniest breeds in the dog world. They have a lot of history, big personalities, and loads of love to give. Just keep them away from rats, cats, and anything else they could hurt in the chase, and you should be simply fine.

Do They Take Much Exercise?

They should not be exercised too often as pups. They are prone to sudden onsets of lameness brought on as their limbs stretch out. If you have a new mini bull terrier pup, make sure you limit walking time to less than an hour a day and always be aware: if they can’t walk home, you will have to carry them. Something to think about before you let them play in mud…

Do They Need Grooming Often?

No! They don’t really need to be brushed much if ever, in fact. However, we would always advise that you give them a weekly groom anyway for the bonding experience. We also suggest that you trim their nails when necessary and brush their teeth at least once a week… more if you are guilty of giving them human food. It will save you a fortune in vet bills when they hit 8 or 9.

How Hard Is It To Train A Miniature Bull Terrier?

They are notoriously stubborn, actually, and a little sleepy. They would much rather chill out by the radiator than go for a slog in the rain. They will listen to you, consider your commands, and then decide for themselves… although, as with any breed, you do occasionally find trainable ones who aren’t normal.

Are They Healthy?

Not really. Unfortunately, they carry some pretty horrible hereditary diseases brought about by a small gene pool and a long history. They may be deaf, have skin, eye, or mouth issues, and a number of other conditions. Zinc Deficiency is common in black mini bulls, where their colouring starts to fade to grey at around 4 weeks.

Luxating patella’s (floating kneecaps), kidney diseases, and other conditions are common. Fortunately none of the above stops them from having relatively happy lives with a loving owner.  The registered breeder you buy from will have knowledge of your dog’s family history back through their lineage and early intervention on known issues can make a bit difference.

Where Can I Buy Mini Bull Terrier Pup?

You should be able to pick up a miniature bull terrier pup from any breeder registered at your local kennel club. We also suggest that you ask your local shelter to alert you should this type of dog become available. We urge you to use a bit of caution when dealing with breeders not registered at the kennel club, since they may be puppy farmers. Not all are puppy farmers and many great owners have a litter from their dog from time to time but as they say, caveat emptor – buyer beware!

So there we have it the low down (ok bad pun) on the Bull Terriers smaller cousin. If you like terriers then why not check out our other overviews of that Dog Breed.

Got Five Minutes?

If the miniature bull terrier is not the breed for you, we have reviewed several other dog breeds here at Five Minutes Spare. We believe there is a perfect dog breed to match any family, and you can probably find yours through our website. Browse our dog directory, or General Pets section follow us on Facebook, for more doggy dilemmas.

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