Dog of the Month!

January 2022 Dog of the Month – Bear!

January 2022 Dog of the Month – Bear!
Name Labrador x Doberman
Size Large/20 - 25kg
Grooming Hard
Training Medium
Exercise Daily / 2 to 3
Origins Canada/Newfoundland
  • Backstory
  • Tricks he knows
  • Why is he so special?

This is the first ever addition to our new section called Dog of the Month! This months dog is called bear!

Bear was born on the 11th of October 2018, he was first discovered by his owner Sophie, Sophie was obsessed with the Labrador when she first laid her eyes on him! Instantly coming up with the name Bear, the reason is that he looks like a cuddle Bear! The first time Bear and Sophie were together was when Bear was born and Sophie loved him from the start to now! If it wasn't for the owners knowing Sophie, she may not of had Bear! The other reason was that when Sophie was trying to find a dog, she always said she wanted a Labrador. So once she arrived at the house, all the other pups were scared of her, but Bear ran straight to her!

After Bear ran towards her, he fell asleep on her, almost instantly showing an undying connection with her. Bear was then bought and taken to her house to be treated like a King! One memories that Sophie has for Bear was his excitement towards other dogs and people, which he still does today! What a loving dog Bear is!

Image Provided from Sophie!

Bear was always a tricky pup, he was very hard to train and still is to this day, with Sophie still trying to teach him to settle when people come through the door! He has learned a few tricks however such as;

  • sit
  • lie down
  • paw
  • other paw
  • high five

And soon to be more after she starts to get him more and more developed!

Alongside this, Sophie mentioned that Bear loves to open and close doors when she's out the house! Once finding him snuggled into her pillow when the door was closed! A smart dog indeed!

Bear has always been his friendly go happy self, always making Sophie smile and always giving her tasks to do, even on walks! Sophie was asked the question, why is he so special to you? She replied;

He's special to me because from the day I saw him, he ran to me and instantly slept on me, showing me he already trusts me and every time I'm upset about anything or about to be, he always jumps up to give me cuddles and loves to ensure I am okay and to make me feel better!

Bear sounds like a lovely dog!

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