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Top 5 Fnaf Fan Games

Top 5 Fnaf Fan Games

5. Tyke and Son’s Lumber Co

One of my favourite fnaf fan games of all time. Tyke and Son’s Lumber Co is truly a hidden gem across the internet at large. I won’t go into too much detail, as I have already written an article on Tyke and Son’s (which you should totally go read wink wink). However, I will mention that the custom night for Tyke and Son’s is really fun to play (as that’s something I didn’t mention in my original article). Overall, if you want a high-quality fnaf fan game that looks like Chipper and son’s, go play this game.

4. Mary’s Arcade

A very underrated game, that has sadly fallen under the radar by most content creators. Mary’s arcade is a surprisingly creepy and well-put-together game, all with a UI that looks like it belongs on Windows XP. The game, while certainly having a simple and easy-to-pick-up gameplay loop, is a damn good time and with the animatronics feeling like they’re actually malfunctioning rather than being possessed by the spoopy ghosts of slaughtered toddlers, the game feels very distinct from many offer fnaf fan games.

3. Bondee’s Barnyard

It would be an absolute crime to not mention Bondee’s Barnyard. So here it is. Bondee’s Barnyard answers the age-old question of every fnaf fan. What is it like to actually be stuck inside an animatronic suit? Well, hold onto your animatronic plushies, because Bondee’s has the answer.

Bondee’s Barnyard puts you into the shoes of a young child trapped inside of an animatronic cow. Your goal is to survive the night and protect yourself from both the security guard and other animatronics who are trying to find you. While trying not to spoil anything too major, the game is definitely a highlight in the fnaf fan game genre, with its unique premise and solid gameplay, this game is definitely up there with the classic fnaf fan games of the genre.

2. Dormitabis

Dormitabisis one of my personal favourite fnaf fan games, so naturally, I had to put it here. Dormitabis is a game about William Afton (or purple guy for the OGs who abandoned ship right around when Sister Location came about), living through his own personal hell in purgatory. And if you think that sounds familiar? Rest assured. This game was made before Ultimate Custom Night.

The reason why I decided to include this game was mainly due to its character design. Dormitabis has some incredibly disturbing character designs, even more so than most fnaf fan games. My favourite is most definitely the B.O.A (Box of abominations), with its mangled broken design that encapsulated all of the toy animatronics, while still being able to look intimidating.

1. The Joy Of Creation

By far some of the most popular fnaf fan games on this list. The Joy of Creation reborn and story mode are both incredible in their own right. The joy of creation reborn sees the player play an almost slender-Esque game involving the core four from the original fnaf series. This game tasks the player to run around collecting items while avoiding the ignited animatronics.

The joy of creation story mode meanwhile, sees a more fnaf-esque theme with each door (or night) having its own mechanics and system. For example, the bedroom will have you play as a child attempting to detour the ignited animatronics away by pretending to be asleep and closing the curtains, however, the office will have you defend yourself from the animatronics by hiding from them when they open doors.

Overall, the joy of creation reborn and story mode are both really good games and damn good times overall. I highley reccomend playing them if you haven’t before.

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